Company Overview

Building services engineers & contractors

Greater Pacific Engineering Group is a leading provider of building services in Australia and the Greater Pacific Region. We offer innovative green solutions to the commercial building sector include the design and installation of HVAC, Fire Protection, Electrical and Hydraulic Services.

Our Focus.Greater Pacific Engineering

We focus on providing dynamic and innovative solutions geared toward meeting the specific and diverse needs of each project to ensure that Greater Pacific engineering pty ltd exceeds our client”s expectations.

By detailing our expertise and experience we will demonstrate that we are more that capable and qualified to deliver the building services for all commercial and industrial projects.

Qualities, measured by seven key performance (KPI’s)

Core Values & Mission

Our values

Our mission

Bring together all stakeholders into an environment which encouages individuals to reach their full potential to provide high quality building services for new and retrofit projects that are green, operational and are delivered on time and on budget.

Our Future

GPE has in recent years focused on the development of capabilities, processes and systems specifically designed to deliver high quality building services tailored to the needs of differing building types, with a major focus on new emerging technologies in the areas of gas drive VRF heat pumps, con gen, tri gen and earth tubes to pre-condition fresh air.


Our combined expertise and knowledge of building services and installations spans over 35 years covering the design & documentation, installation, project delivery and after sales service. We believe we havew all the necessary ingredients, financial resources and trade personel to successfully deliver building services to any project without delays on budget and on time far exceeding expectations.